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Why you should choose us as your wedding photographers?

Our creativity – we don’t like to take boring photos, we are looking at what can make your wedding photos stand out from the rest…. We are constantly looking how we can do better… and two photographers heads are better than one, hence why we always work together.
We chose to NOT to book too many weddings, we want your wedding day to be special.
Creativity relates too the flying bride photo, or the bride dragging the groom into the church, or the evening photos with sparklers.
If you are an engaged couple that want to get more from your wedding than boring wedding photos then choose us Brent & Shirley


During your reception on a large screen, you get to see 100-200 selected photos as a slideshow of your wedding day.

No waiting many weeks to see your photos

Wedding Photography

“we freeze time – we appreciate how precious those moments are”

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This is not a decision that can be made on looks alone — you must meet your potential wedding photographers in person

Brent & Shirley Cairns

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In addition they make “sculptures from live models” their art is in 15 countries


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