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Brent & Shirley Cairns, have been photographing weddings for many years, honing their skills with film, taking photos that don’t require lengthy post editing means we can show you your photos quickly.

“Standard Offer”

During the reception you get to see a 100-200 photo slideshow – no waiting for weeks or months to see your first wedding photo.

They choose not to photograph too many weddings, as they love creating wedding photos that are uniquely you, each time they photograph a wedding they love to hunt out fun interesting locations.

As a husband and wife team, Brent will tend to be with the Bride as she prepares and Shirley will be with the Groom, they then come together at the ceremony. They can either be two photographers or a photographer and videographer. We have quality multiple cameras to ensure we cover the best coverage of your wedding day.

Being the Bride and Groom at a wedding, whilst you are busy during the day, you miss so much of whats happening in and around you. That’s what makes the difference when you have two people taking photos and video.

We travel all over New Zealand and if asked yes we have been called on to photograph overseas. Look lower on the page for various wedding locations.

Give us a call to make a time to have a chat over coffee about your special wedding day Ph: 027 222-4767

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