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engagement photos

Engagement photos are an opportunity for us to meet the couple and the couple to meet us and understand how we work. So we often encourage couples to have some photos taken.

We will often do two changes of clothes…casual and then something dressy… doing something fun like eat ice cream walk in the park etc…
Give us a call to have a chat over coffee and we will find the locations, and help create fun and memorable wedding plans Ph: 027 2224767

Boudoir photography has ultimately, in recent years, established itself as a sexy new trend, a popular gift from the bride to the groom. The pictures are taken before the date of the wedding, and then edited and bound in a book to be given to the groom. We arrange hair and make up and will often hire a hotel/AirBnB as a location for the photos. Talk to us about having a boudoir engagement photo shoot give Brent & Shirley a call on Ph: 027 2224767

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This is not a decision that can be made on looks alone — you must meet your potential wedding photographers in person

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